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With over six years of background in the food industry and a passion for entrepreneurship, the creation of Rob’s Mini Donuts was inevitable. Rob has always had a passion for food and cooking. Throughout his educational career, he worked countless hours in food services and continued to work various restaurant jobs in while attending the University of Northern Iowa.
In September of 2018, Rob's Mini

Video Media


Rob's Mini Donuts presenting at One Million Cups in downtown Cedar Falls.
Customized Deliciousness
1973 Chevy PS6500. Decommissioned in 2014 from S.W.A.T  and started the food truck adventure in 2018
Making 120 dozen mini donuts per hour!
Inside of the food truck
Calm before the storm
Should we start selling mini donuts by the bowl full?
Summer of 2019 setup, on UNI campus.
Indoor set up for the 2019 UNI Football Season.
First bucket of donuts served at Sturgis Fall Celebration in Cedar Falls