Jordan River Group



About Us

We offer leadership coaching for managers, executives, and their teams.

Our areas of expertise include advancing talent within organizations, executive leadership transfer, and optimizing hiring processes. Our services include in-person and virtual leadership coaching programs, and custom leadership academies tailored to the unique needs of organizations.

For Business
We work with CEOs and executive leadership teams so they can build and retain talent within their company and grow revenue as a result. From succession planning to launching new products, we’re your guide along the way. We offer retainers and workshops for our enterprise clients.

For Individuals
We help individuals unlock their highest potential through personalized coaching playbooks. Clients have unlimited access to their coach. Our coaching services can be delivered virtually anywhere in the country — offering you unparalleled access to grow your leadership potential.


  • Implement Policies for Inclusivity
  • Attract and Advance Talent within Your Business
  • Maximize Business Revenue
  • Quantifiable Leadership Skill Development
  • Executive Leadership Transfer