Waterloo Community Foundation



About Us

The original Waterloo Civic Foundation was created in 1956, later to be expanded and converted into an area foundation, serving a multi-county area of Northeast Iowa. In 2014, a group of long-time Waterloo residents determined that there may be a place for an additional Foundation that once again was focused on Waterloo and its future. Tim Hurley, Joe Vich, Mike Young and Rick Young gauged the interest for such an endeavor, and determined that indeed the community could support a Waterloo-focused foundation. Thus a new Waterloo Community Foundation was incorporated in 2015 with the sole purpose of providing a conduit for past, present and future Waterloo residents to invest or will funds specifically to enhance Waterloo and the immediate area.

The foundation elected a board of directors in 2015. Board members include:

Stacey Bentley
Geoffrey Grimes
Theresa Hoffman
Tim Hurley
Wilfred “Mickye” Johnson
Jim Lind
Kent McCausland
Kathy McCoy
Troy Smith
` Joe Vich
Jim Walsh
Dan Watters
Mike Young
Rick Young

We are committed to making Waterloo a more vibrant community by gratefully accepting philanthropic gifts from our donors and by benefiting non-profit organizations that support the Waterloo community in the areas of health and human services, education, youth and economic development.