Cleaning Staff

Posted: 06/30/2024

WARTBURG COLLEGE POSITION DESCRIPTION CLEANING STAFF Function of Position: Responsible to the Director of Maintenance and Cleaning for cleaning rooms, floor surfaces, restrooms, entries, hallways, common areas, laundry rooms and kitchenettes or other designated areas. The principal duties are especially relevant to the academic year. Work may be performed in multiple assigned buildings. Summer responsibilities will involve work (annual cleaning) in a variety of campus buildings and assistance with preparing for and cleaning up after camps, conventions and events. Incumbents may work with students, team members, college employees and guests of the college, treating all with respect. Principal Duties and Responsibilities 1) Clean according to the defined O&M standards. Assigned core areas could be in residence halls, academic or administrative buildings, or other college owned buildings. 2) Utilize authorized cleaning products and notify the O&M Office Coordinator when supplies are needed. 3) Clean drinking fountains, water plants, and address other unique needs. 4) Effectively utilize the work order system and respond to assigned tasks in a timely manner. 5) Provide input to the work order system for needed repairs 6) Assist in cleaning of areas other than assigned core area when needed. 7) In collaboration with the cleaning supervisor, provide training and supervision to assigned students. Utilizing the procedures outlined for student employees, assist in creating a positive work experience for student employees. 8) In addition to cleaning, summer responsibilities may include transporting linen and making beds, assisting with moving furniture within weight restrictions. 9) Work collaboratively with general maintenance staff on assigned tasks. 10) Assist with performing event setups and teardowns as needed. 11) Fill in for snow removal as needed. 12) Perform other duties as assigned. Supervision: The employee proceeds alone on routine work following pre-established standard practices. Questions are referred to the supervisor. Work schedules and priorities are primarily determined by the supervisor. Minimum Qualifications: Basic oral, written and math skills Relevant experience preferred Ability to lift up to 50 pounds Ability to work with arms above shoulder height. Wartburg College is a selective liberal arts college of the ELCA, nationally recognized for community engagement. As an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution, Wartburg College actively seeks applications from women and members of ethnic and minority groups.

Type of Employment: Full-Time

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