Leader Valley Facilitator & Coach

Posted: 06/23/2022


The Leader Valley Facilitator & Coach position is responsible for serving as a liaison to PreK-12 schools with a focus on the following responsibilities: coordinating, developing and facilitating educator, student, parent and community workshops; providing coaching support to schools; developing and strengthening school and community partnerships that advance Leader Valley's mission

Application Process

Please submit the following application materials:

  1. Letter of application addressing: a) interest in this role, b) how your skills, dispositions, and preparation have equipped you for this role, c) how you align with the Leader Valley values noted above
  2. Resume showcasing your experience and impact
  3. A minimum of 3 current references

All application materials must be submitted electronically to: Leader Valley Director Dr. Melissa Reade at Applications submitted only through LinkedIn will not receive full consideration. Applications open until July 13th. For more information, visit

Key Responsibilities

Facilitation (35%)

  • Coordinate, develop and deliver educator, student, parent, community, and business workshops.
  • Engage in ongoing Leader in Me and business offerings facilitator certification opportunities.
  • Utilize workshop feedback to enhance future offerings.

Coaching (35%)

  • Provide coaching support to schools, leadership teams, administrators, and action teams.
  • Engage in ongoing Leader in Me implementation and executive coaching certification opportunities.
  • Provide certified coaching support through a practice, feedback, reflection loop.
  • Create, monitor, and refine the action plan development and implementation for individual Leader in Me schools.
  • Provide programmatic and professional development supports to move all Cedar Valley schools through the Leader Valley Readiness model, from exploration and onboarding to implementation and Lighthouse milestone.

Strategic Partnerships (15%)

  • Develop partnerships that advance programmatic or workshop needs for educators, students, parents, higher education, nonprofits, and businesses.
  • Create and maintain relationships with district and building level administrator teams.
  • Create and maintain relationships with business, educators, and parents in the community.
  • Identify opportunities to embed Leader in Me into existing district, higher education, community, and business events.
  • Coordinate Leader in Me events and community-level student leadership opportunities.

Other Duties As Assigned (15%)

  • Assist with special projects, fundraising, and Leader Valley Council activities.
  • Collaborate with Leader Valley Director to implement programmatic changes.

Core Values

Servant Leadership

  • Believes leadership is for everyone
  • Models positive leadership
  • Focuses on the strengths of others and creates opportunities for them to display their leadership
  • Possesses a heart for serving others

Human Connection

  • Believes in the power of diverse relationships
  • Balances courage and consideration in relationships and situations
  • Listens empathically
  • Exhibits high trust behaviors
  • Celebrates differences and seeks out diverging viewpoints


  • Believes authenticity is best and character matters
  • Practices what we teach
  • Values doing what is right
  • Is a responsible steward of resources

Lifelong Learning

  • Believes learning is an ongoing journey
  • Possesses a growth mindset
  • Is coachable and resourceful
  • Invests in the development of others

Facilitate Change

  • Believes challenges are opportunities to improve
  • Recognizes needs as they emerge
  • Embraces and proactively responds to change
  • Is solutions-oriented and takes initiative


  • Bachelor's degree in education or a relevant field; Master's degree and education leadership experience preferred or equivalent formal professional training for this role
  • Relevant experience in a training or development coordinator role, preferably in a related industry
  • Demonstrated ability to implement training and development programs throughout the organization
  • Demonstrated track record of setting and achieving workshop objectives
  • Demonstrated ability to use participant feedback to improve the training programming and curriculum
  • Demonstrated ability to foster and manage business, education, and community relationships
  • Demonstrated ability to coach for impact with participants

Type of Employment: Full-Time

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