Hotel Sales Manager

Posted: 08/15/2021

As a Sales Manager, a day at the office can include: Generating reports, entering business, blocking space and building accounts. Conducting thorough but interesting site inspections that highlight key features and benefits of our hotel. Showcasing your self-confidence, energy and enthusiasm when following up on leads and closing business in order to positively impact hotel revenues. ABOUT YOU Do you always see a big opportunity instead of a big challenge? When faced with a competitive market, do you understand what motivates our customers and know how to tap into those needs and desires in an effective way? If so, you might be our next Sales Manager! You are an expert relationship builder and can motivate and captivate your customers as well as your staff with your genuine smile and your impressive knowledge of market share and sales trends. You know a little bit about all aspects of hotel operations including food and beverage, guest services and housekeeping and can inspire others to collaborate with you. You can talk to anyone and feel just as comfortable calling a customer or prospect as you would visiting a client or lead on location and making an impromptu (but amazing!) presentation on short notice.

Type of Employment: Full-Time

Premium Job Posting (contact for more information): Premium Job Posting

Holiday Inn & Suites/ Bien VenU Event Center
Atul Patel