Posted: 07/28/2019

-FULL-TIME; 2ND SHIFT (40 HOURS/WEEK) DUTIES: Directs and assists restaurant staff in the planning, preparation, cooking and serving of meals.Interacts with guests in a positive way while doing food preparation and food service. Assists with weekly inventory, stocks supplies needed to complete their shift and has adequate supplies stocked for the following shift. Assures food, dinnerware and kitchen equipment is either properly disposed of or cleaned/sanitized according to schedules and ready for the following shift. Promote and participate in the Vision and Values of the Western Home Strategic Plan, including People First, Innovation, Servant Spirit and Financial Integrity. Successful functioning in this position contributes directly to the overall Western Home mission of providing the best possible care for residents. REQUIREMENTS: High school diploma or equivalent. Past experience working as a Cook. Will comply with all federal and state regulatory requirements to maintain certification in food handling professional and other certifications as appropriate. Strong customer service background. Must be able to read, speak and write fluent English. Regular attendance is required and ability to work flexible schedule. Must be able to work weekends and holidays as needed.

Type of Employment: Full-Time