Security Officer, Part-Time

Function of Position:
Responsible to Director, Campus Security & Safety for patrolling the campus, responding to incidents, and enforcing College parking regulations.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
1) Patrol, by foot and vehicle, campus. Be visible, available, look for areas of concern. (10%)
2) Lock and unlock buildings (7%)
3) Check mechanical systems of buildings, noting carbon monoxide levels, status of boilers, furnaces, hot water heaters, and other utilities. (2%)
4) Check fire prevention and notification systems. (6%)
5) Provide escorts to students. (2%)
6) Perform basic first aid, CPR (with or without AED). Transport non-emergency medical situations to clinics and hospitals and request ambulance for injuries and illnesses of emergency characterization. (6%)
7) Transport and secure items of value, and transport funds to the bank or facilities, as required. (4%)
8) Takes action to cease a crime in progress or to prevent injury within the limits of authority. (2%)
9) Respond to incidents, initiate reports, and conduct limited investigations. (10%)
10) Protect crime scenes pending police arrival. (2%)
11) Call police when College property is involved in criminal event or when a student requests police services. (2%)
12) Take statements from complainants, victims, witnesses, and subjects. (2%)
13) Take evidence and photographs, as necessary. (2%)
14) Assist police, fire, rescue, and other public agencies with their activities on campus. (2%)
15) Notify security director and/or other college officials, as necessary. (2%)
16) Confiscate prohibited and restricted items such as firearms, explosives, alcohol, illegal drugs, etc. (2%)
17) Maintain order at college events. (2%)
18) Respond to fire alarms, check for danger, contact fire department, reset systems, and authorize residents to reenter building when safety permits. (2%)
19) Assist visitors, gives directions, and manages lost and found items. (2%)
20) Recognize blood-borne pathogen contamination situations and take necessary clean-up and decontamination steps. (1%)
21) In the absence of residence hall staff, enforce resident hall and student conduct policies. (1%)
22) Assist resident assistants and residence hall directors as needed. (1%)
23) Enforce parking regulations. Write parking tickets. Contact towing companies to tow vehicles. (15%)
24) Perform parking registration duties, to include issuing visitor and temporary passes. (5%)
25) Assist students with vehicle troubles. (3%)
26) Conduct driving certification tests. (2%)
27) Assist college employees. (3%)
28) Perform other related duties as assigned.
Definite objectives are set up for the employee by the supervisor, requiring the use of a wide range of procedures. The employee plans and arranges his/her own work and refers only unusual cases to the supervisor.
Minimum Qualifications:
Requires knowledge equivalent to a high school education with one year of effective experience; must possess a valid driver’s license and have no criminal record. Associate degree preferred.
Application Procedure:
Send letter of interest, including a statement regarding qualities you offer within the context of the Wartburg College mission, résumé, and contact information for three references electronically to: See for further information about the college. Screening begins immediately and continues until position is filled.

Type of Employment: Part-Time

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