Director of School & Community Relations

Posted: 04/27/2021

Waterloo Community School District is looking for a School & Community Relations Director! This is an exciting, highly visible, and complex position. See the description below and visit our website at to apply now.

   - Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
   - Graduate work related to the scope of responsibilities desired

   - A background of community service and leadership highly desired
   - Experience in an educational institution preferred

Skills Required:
   - Effective oral and written communication skills
   - Demonstrated skill in organizing ideas
   - Good human relations skills and recognized abilities in working effectively with people
   - Demonstrated sound judgment, social competency, adaptability, self-confidence, emotional maturity, initiative, enthusiasm and resourcefulness
   - Ability to establish and maintain working relationships based on mutual confidence and respect
   - Ability to work effectively, cooperatively and respectfully with staff, parents and community members regardless of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnic/national origin, religion, marital status,
     age, socio-economic
 status or disability
   - Knowledge of processes to address cultural diversity and associated issues related to student performance and instructional methodology
   - Ability to handle adversity in an objective manner
   - Ability to recognize sensitive issues and maintain confidentiality
   - Ability to organize varied functions and meet deadlines in a timely manner
   - Knowledge of state and federal laws and rules affecting public schools
   - Knowledge of Department of Education rules and regulations
   - Knowledge of budgeting procedures and management related to areas of responsibility
   - Ability to work effectively through the committee process to accomplish goals
   - Knowledge of the scope and relationships of the position to the total operation of the district
   - Ability to establish and maintain a favorable work environment
   - Demonstrated record of commitment and sensitivity to affirmative action, equal opportunity and human rights
Technology Requirements:
   - Word processing skills
   - Spreadsheet skills
   - Electronic presentation skills
   - Web navigation skills
   - E-mail management skills
   - Computer/social network knowledge applicable to the position
   - Knowledge of computer-related storage devices
   - Knowledge of educational copyright laws
   - Knowledge of computer security expectations

Additional Notes:
   Job Duties:
   1. Manages all media interactions and maintains media contacts
   2. Provides leadership for the district’s communication and marketing program
   3. Directs media notification process for weather-related school closings or delays or for other emergency situations
   4. Provides technical assistance to district and school staff related to publicity needs or communication/public relations programming
   5. Produces district publications and materials
   6. Participates and connects with community agencies and/or committees with a specific attention given to diverse and minority organizations (e.g. - NAACP, EMBARC, RACI, One Iowa)
   7. Represents the district in various community organizations and events with a focus on growing visibility in diverse areas
   8. Builds and strengthens relationships within the community
   9. Finds and accesses areas of deficiency within district communications as well as leading the charge around improved communication
   W A T E R L O O C O M M U N I T Y S C H O O L D I S T R I C T
   10.Regularly attends meetings of neighborhood associations, chamber of commerce, city councils and other key associations
   11. Administers the district open enrollment program
   12. Directs recruitment activities for families of preschool children and those new to the community
   13. Oversees all programming on the district’s cable television channel
   14. Oversees instructional programming shown for teachers on the internal cable system
   15. Coordinates and oversees special projects/activities/events, working with community organizations and civic leaders as necessary
   16. Works with employee groups on special activities/projects/events
   17. Oversees the Information and Assistance telephone line
   18. Oversees the district mail service and delivery
   19. Serves as administrative liaison for the Urban Education Network
   20. Preserves and maintains all records and documents related to the business of the Board
   21. Prepares Board agendas with the direction of the Superintendent and/or Board President
   22. Arranges for all Board elections with the County Commissioner of Elections
   23. Accepts and certifies nomination papers for School Board candidates
   24. Files required reports with the Department of Education
   25. Arranges and attends appeal hearings (i.e. open enrollment hearings) with the Department of Education
   26. Signs warrants drawn on school funds with Board approval
   27. Carries out all legal publication and notice requirements of the district and the Iowa open meetings law
   28. Works with district and/or Board attorneys on hearings, litigation, etc.
   29. Coordinates Board retreats, work sessions or other special meetings of the Board as required
   30. Approves requests for remission of tuition
   31. Coordinates crisis preparedness and response, including the district Safety Task Force
   32. Directs the Board’s policy development and review process
   33. Interprets Iowa school laws, Department of Education rules and regulations and Board policies and regulations to staff, parents and citizens
   34. Supervises district-wide parent involvement initiatives
   35. Advocates district goals and objectives
   36. Serves on district incident command team
   37. Serves as a contributing member on the Superintendent’s Cabinet
   38. Attends Board meetings, serves as a resource person and assists with presentations of information and/or recommendations and prepares Board exhibits as appropriate
   39. Adheres to high ethical standards and demonstrates professionalism when acting as an agent of the district
   40. Keeps the Superintendent and/or Board members advised of all relevant matters
   41. Performs duties in accordance with Iowa Standards for School Leaders
   42. Performs other duties as assigned by the Superintendent and/or the Board of Education

Type of Employment: Full-Time

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