SWIM Associate

Posted: 11/22/2021

Position Title: SWIM Associate

Status:Full Time (40hrs/week) 

Rate: $20/hour (Annual: $41,600). Non-exempt.

Benefits: Quarterly Stipend ($500/quarter); 2 Weeks Paid Time Off, 12 rotating holidays

Start Date: January 2021 


At See What I Mean we love our clients.  We take their missions seriously and do our best to serve their goals and meet their expectations. This position has a critical role in helping us to deliver on our promise to our clients.  


The ideal candidate will help us make sure that every client feels valued, understood and supported.  While that description sounds straightforward, it’s not. See What I Mean has a robust and growing portfolio of clients. There are lots of moving parts.  Our SWIM Associates makes sure that all of those moving parts point towards the success of our clients. Many days that means ensuring that SWIM Consultants have what they need to serve the clients. Other days that means leading client engagement as a fellow consultant. No matter the day, we work as a team to create transformative experiences for our clients.


Client Focused Tasks: 

  • Developing each client’s project timeline

  • Proactively supporting members of the SWIM team to deliver high quality products on time every time

  • Engaging directly with clients to ensure the project stays on course and on budget 

  • Creating agendas, materials and PowerPoint decks in advance of client meetings based on SWIM Templates and notes from planning sessions

  • Delivering client products including:

    • Reviewing research in different fields of study and providing summaries and insights. 

    • Data collection and analysis

    • Planning products (strategic plan drafts)

    • Tools and templates for client use

  • Organizing information in Google Drive for each project

  • Coordinating meetings and notetaking with multiple individuals


SWIM Focused Tasks: 

  • Support of SWIM Collaborative members when approved by SWIM Partners 

  • Participating in learning, reflection and blogging

  • Other duties as assigned


Leadership Support: TheSWIM Associate will be directly managed by Jordan Vernoy, and will meet with Stacy Van Gorp and/or Jordan Vernoy once a week. Leadership development opportunities will be supported as identified by the employee or SWIM Partners. 


Work Environment: Space will be available at Gravitate Co-Working in Cedar Falls. We are open to remote work if a candidate is uniquely qualified and has experience effectively working remotely.



  • Bachelor’s degree or experience in fields that prioritize strong writing, listening, speaking, and analytical thinking skills (including but not limited to political science, sociology, nonprofit leadership, public administration, history, etc)

  • At least 12 months experience working in an organizational setting where project coordination is part of the responsibility (intern and volunteer experiences are welcome and 12    months need not be with one employer)

  • Experience managing multiple obligations at the same time (inside or outside a work setting)

  • Demonstrated enthusiasm for community and social change work via paid, volunteer or lived experience

  • Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, including humility for what we may not know or understand

  • Skilled in problem solving independently and seeking resources when stuck.

  • Ability to learn and use new technologies with minimal support

  • Enjoys working independently

  • Ability to switch between administrative tasks and client facing leadership roles quickly

  • Finds organizing and details enjoyable


Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to


Type of Employment: Full-Time